E027 Chinese Ninja Warrior

August 7, 2017

On this episode, history is made for the first time as Levi enjoys a burger with chips, Mike gets a surprising haul, and we answer the age old question, "Why do you collect?"

Join us as we talk Transformers and other nerd news, including movies, tv, and comics. We take on some of our loyal listeners’ questions and comments. Enjoy!

0:00 History is made
4:53 Intros
10:24 Plugs & Shoutouts
24:30 Hauls
43:40 Nerd News
1:42:46 80s Trivia
1:47:51 Weird News
1:56:29 Fact or Fiction?
2:00:20 Toy News
2:21:12 Why do you collect?