E021 #notMyOptimus

May 22, 2017

This week on the B&S podcast, join us as we talk Transformers and other nerd news, including movies, tv and comics. We talk about how we have no idea how the third parties get away with what they're doing. Also....the Kirk vs. Picard debate. Enjoy!

0:00 Dropouts
0:45 Intros
6:30 Plugs and Shoutouts
36:50 Ript On
50:10 Jefferson
53:20 The B&S Health Challenge
1:06:20 Jed's Haul
1:13:20 Levi's Haul
1:32:50 Nerd News
2:25:20 80's Trivia
2:29:55 Toy News
3:26:15 Weird News
3:34:35 Kirk vs. Picard
4:14:10 Calling Mike's Mom
4:17:15 Wrap-up