E019 Meat Mountain

April 24, 2017

This week on the B&S podcast, join us as we talk Transformers and other nerd news, including movies, tv, and comics. A more in-depth look at our opinions towards, MPs, MP 3Ps, and MP KOs. Also this week....the Game of Thrones discussion, part 2. Enjoy!

0:00 Kingcaid!
0:30 Intros and Blackout & Shout Health Challenge Updates
4:55 Jed's Haul
8:20 Final Fantasy
17:10 Mike's Haul
24:45 MP-36 & The Masterpiece Transformers Discussion
1:09:00 Nerd News
1:37:20 Blackout & Shout Goes International
1:43:40 Nerd News Continued
2:11:20 80's Trivia
2:16:45 Transformers & Toy News
2:27:20 Game of Thrones Discussion Pt. II
3:16:40 Ash vs. the Evil Dead
3:20:35 Logan
3:28:15 Game of Thrones Discussion Pt. III
3:33:20 Still Waiting on Levi's Reviews
3:42:35 Shoutouts, Plugs & Wrap-up